Recently, we received an email from Yesha, a 14 year old who lives in Gujarat, India. She heard about WHOA in a local newspaper, and wanted to use the time between school terms to experience the adrenaline rush of climbing Kilimanjaro for herself. How awesome is she!? In her own words, she said "I'm not exactly a woman yet." Well, Yesha, one thing is for sure: you're an inspiration and true WHOAer in our book! We can't wait to adventure with you (even though it will have to a few years)!

By Yesha Desai

When I say I live in India you guys probably think of me, a shy sari-clad girl living in a small house without light and electricity, walking kilometers to fetch water from the nearest well.

Well this may be true in some cases but when I say I live in India I mean the beautiful coastline, enormous mountains hovering in the north and guarding us and oh!! The undiscovered paradise of rivers and forests in the north east.

All photos courtesy of Yesha

All photos courtesy of Yesha

Yes life in India can be tough sometimes. Because no matter what religion you follow you are bound to face social suffocation.

But isn’t that the case in every country?

But unlike every other country, India is way more diverse and I have no idea how we even manage to be united as a country.

In India, it's like festivals are life and the art of living is just a colorful festivity. Year round we have festivals after festivals. Shops beaming with lights and presents to shop and of course food.

How can anyone describe India without the mention of food? Having a vibrant history and culture we always have a reason to celebrate and with heaps of extremely delicious delicacies.

From quiet villages to ever growing cities life in India can be fun. You may imagine that a person might get bored here but there are lots of fun things to do. Just like Hollywood we have our own film industry- Bollywood.

Just like I said before, India is a country of diversity. Our national language is Hindi but in every country people speak different languages. Just like in my state Gujarat we speak Gujarati, in the Maharashtra they speak Marathi etc. There are more than 15 main languages and many other tribal ones. Most people in India speak at least 3 languages if not more.

I am quite sure that a few of you reading this blog will be joining the cycling trip in India in 2016 , held by WHOA. As much as negativity you may have about India, all I can say is that people here are extremely helpful and kind. You may find then intruding your privacy sometimes but….What can I say it's in our culture to help people.

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