Perfect is boring. Adventure is messy, unpredictable, stinky, silly, wild, ROUGH, uncomfortable, challenging...and a whole hell of a lot of fun. It’s the stuff that makes us human. It’s the stuff that makes us feel alive. 

WHOA, she went there! is all about going new places,
trying new things, and keeping it real.

Let’s take adventures and let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Because there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who isn’t afraid to put herself out there and unapologetically be her perfectly imperfect self. 





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Hey there! We're Allison and Danielle. We're friends, business partners, but above all we're just two fun loving ladies who love to travel. In 2013, we started WHOA travel, and have spent the past 5+ years living, eating, and breathing all things adventure and traveling to far corners of the world with all different kinds of women. 

Lately, we’ve noticed that the digital world is dominated by pristine, picture perfect images of women traveling. It’s great eye candy, but it’s far from the raw, messy, imperfect side of adventure we know and love. The moments that really stay with us and are still making us LOL are the unfiltered, unexpected, silly ones that have a great story behind them. 

We created WHOA, she went there! as a place on Instagram to celebrate what we love most about traveling. This is adventure as we know it and love it. We hope you’ll go there with us!

WHOA travel Co-Founders + Chief Adventurers