WHOA Expeditions is all about leaping out of our comfort zones as we explore new and unchartered adventure locations!
We founded WHOAx to feed your need for more exploration, and to give you the chance to experience what it's like to be on our scouting team as we go off the beaten path and set the wheels in motion for future WHOA adventures. Join our tribe, be a pioneer, expect the unexpected and go on an expedition like only WHOA can!

You'll get all the TLC and awesome group vibes that come standard on every one of our trips, but with an extra dose of spontaneity and excitement. 
Just bring your sense of adventure and we'll handle the rest! Come take the trail less travelled with us. 



JULY 14 - 21



Staying true to the spirit of WHOA we're starting with a bang! Our inaugural WHOA Expedition is summiting Europe's highest peak - Mount Elbrus (5,642 m)! Located in Russia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, Mount Elbrus is a dormant volcano in the Caucasus Mountain range that separates Europe from Asia. It's breath taking peaks and snowy slopes are begging to be explored (and danced on)! Awesome barrel huts will be our home and base camp for the week, as we acclimatize and prep for our summit attempt. Needless to say, as one of the seven summits, this epic adventure is the perfect kick off for WHOAx!


DAY 1 //  JULY 14  //  Dobro požalovat'!

Plan to meet up with the group at Mineralnye Vody Airport by noon on Friday (when choosing your flight to Mineralnye Vody, the best connections are through Moscow or St. Petersburg). Once we're all together, we'll drive 4 hours to our mountain hotel situated in the Baskan Valley (2,100 m) in the shadows of Elbrus. In the evening we'll have a delicious Russian WHOA welcome feast at our hotel. 
Included: welcome dinner


On Saturday, we'll wake up and fuel up with a delicious breakfast at the hotel before setting off for an acclimatization hike on Cheget Mountain (3,450 m). We'll go back to the hotel for dinner, and to rest up for tomorrow.
Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

DAY 3  // JULY 16 // YOUR CHAIR-iot AWAITS...

After a hearty breakfast and one last warm shower (for a few days anyways), we'll head off to our new mountain home! We'll get the barrel huts (3,800 m) via a single person chairlift ride that comes complete with fresh mountain air and amazing views. Once we're settled in at the barrels, we'll take another acclimatization hike and explore our new surroundings. In the evening, we'll return to our base camp for dinner and some R&R.
Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner

DAY 4  //  JULY 17 // ICE ICE BABY

Today we'll do another short acclimatization hike, but our main focus will be learning new snow\ice\rope\self-belay techniques that might come in handy for our upcoming summit attempt. No previous experience is needed - we'll be covering all the basics! Most of all, it's important that we rest, take it easy and get a good nights rest in the barrels, because tomorrow is the big day we've been preparing for...
Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


We'll have an early wake up call for breakfast (about 2 am) and begin our journey to the highest peak in Europe! We'll be taking a snowcat (RAWR!) up to the Pastuckhov rocks (4,750 m) where we'll begin our summit attempt. From the Pastuckhov rocks, it will take around 7 hours to reach the summit (5,642 m) where we'll see the beautiful morning sun over Russia! It will take us approximately 3 hours to get back to the barrels for some much deserved rest.
Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


This is what we call a reserve day that, in case of bad weather the day before, is set aside for another chance to make a summit attempt. However, if we were blessed by the weather gods the day before and reached the summit, we'll use this day to descend back down to the Baksan Valley. We'll spend the night at our hotel in the valley (or at the barrels - it all depends on the weather). 
Included: breakfast, lunch, dinner


If we returned on Wednesday the 19th, we'll enjoy breakfast at the hotel and can visit mineral springs, do a small a hike or shop around town. The day is ours to explore! If we are at still at the barrel huts, we'll use the first part of the day to descend back down to our hotel in the Baksan Valley. Either way, in the evening we'll enjoy one last Russian meal together and toast (Zazdarovje!) to a successful expedition!
Included: breakfast, celebratory dinner

DAY 8 // JULY 21 // Do svidaniya!

Time to say poka (see you later!) to each other and ride to Mineralnye Vody airport to head home...or off for more adventure!
Included: breakfast