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How is WHOA plus different from other WHOA adventures?

WHOA plus offers the same thrilling adventures as traditional WHOA trips but at a more comfortable pace, usually this is achieved by adding an extra day or taking a more gradual route on treks like Kilimanjaro or the Salkantay in Peru. The additional activities are also carefully researched to ensure that there’s no restrictive weight limits so that women of all shapes and sizes can participate. WHOA also works with the local tour operators to ensure that they have gear to accommodate larger travelers. Think camping chairs, wetsuits, climbing harnesses, you name it! But it’s also the intangible things that make WHOA plus special. It’s about finding plus size gear that fits, not just clothing but sleeping bags, daypacks and a host of other items. It’s about sharing training plans for strenuous adventures that doesn’t include a focus on weight loss or dieting. But most importantly it’s about bonding with other women who know what it’s like to move around in a larger body.

Why do WHOA plus trips cost more?  

In order to make our trips as enjoyable as possible we may need to add an extra day to a trek, provide additional guides or porters or book different accommodations. This special attention is part of what makes WHOA plus different!

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What is the definition of a Curvy Traveler?

Usually the community that travels on a WHOA plus adventure is a U.S. size 16+. This is to create a space where women that have experienced similar things living in a plus size body can feel a sense of belonging. Women who have experienced being in the back of the pack or have concerns about gear fitting them have found great relief and even joy when they are with ladies who can relate! We believe fitness does not look one way, and when preparing for an adventure, our plus groups focus on getting fit through exercise, not diet or weight loss. We will never say no if you do not fit into this size category, and want you to know that ALL of WHOA’s adventures are size inclusive!

Are all WHOA adventures size inclusive? 

All WHOA adventures have always been and continue to be size inclusive. WHOA plus came to life as a result of the Curvy Kili Crew’s 2019 Kilimanjaro climb and the overwhelming support and interest we received from plus size women wanting to join a community of like-bodied travelers! The Curvy Kili Crew journey has inspired and helped shape how we create future adventures for plus size women. WHOA plus is meant to address the challenges plus size hikers face by providing a space where like-bodied women can share tips with each other, hike at similar paces, and offer a lot of support.


Is there a training plan for your WHOA plus adventures?

You should be able to walk up to 2-3 mph on a treadmill with varying inclines up to 15% with minimal breaking. We know every treadmill is different with inclines, so we recommend working up to walk at the highest incline for up to an hour at a time! For Kilimanjaro especially, using the Stairmaster is a great way to condition legs and to simulate the steepness of the summit night. We recommend working up to walking an hour at a time on the Stairmaster.

How do I practice for the descent?

Training to go down the mountain is just as important as going up! To practice downhill trekking, we recommend getting out on the trail and doing descents as often as possible to get your legs ready and conditioned for downhill trekking. A good way to start with descent training is to always take the stairs. Practice is the best way to be prepared!

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What if I can't keep up with the group?

All of our adventurers hike at different paces whether you are on a WHOA plus hike or not, it is one of the many reasons that we hire so many guides! You can be rest assured that if you need to hike at a pace that is different than the rest of the group, there will be someone to guide you at your pace (so long as it is considered to be safe for you to continue). Not only will it make the trek more enjoyable, but it will help you to be more successful in your trek!

I have dietary restrictions (i.e. Celiacs) are you able to accommodate that?

Yes! We are able to accommodate a range of restrictions. Because you are going to be traveling in countries with less options, you can expect to receive foods that naturally fit your restrictions. Meaning if you cannot have gluten, you can expect to eat a lot of rice and potatoes, but would not be given things like gluten-free bread. Since you’ll still have as much food as you need, but less variety, we recommend that you bring a few of your favorite condiments in order to jazz up the options (think Parmesan Cheese and hot sauce).

So...what’s the bathroom situation on the trek?

When we are at camp, you will have access to our own private toilets. These are used by only the other women in your group, and are kept surprisingly clean! When you are on the trail, you would be able to duck behind a rock to handle your business. You are responsible for bringing your paper trash with you until you get to camp in the afternoon when you can throw it away. For that reason, we recommend that you bring a handful of those dog poop pick up bags with you. (Be sure to get the biodegradable ones!) It’s nice to not have to see your trash each time you get into your backpack that day.