JANUARY 14 - 21





Here’s some must-haves and recommendations from us, to you. As with all packing lists use your discretion and bring only the necessities you need to be comfortable for the adventure that lies ahead. In short, pack smart and travel light!

Valid Passport - with at least 6 months until expiration

Flashlight or Headlamp - You’ll want this with you at all times when you are out at night. Make sure it has a halogen or strong incandescent bulb. Also, having a red light option is good for reading after dark.

Water Bottle - We recommend a 32oz or a camel back, which is great for staying hydrated when hiking. 

Extra Money - Bring enough money to cover any optional excursions, incidentals and souvenirs. Approximately $250 USD should be plenty. US cash is accepted, in small notes preferably. Visa, Mastercard and Travelers Cheques are also accepted at Finca Exotica but not for optional excursions  Note: the closest bank is in the small town of Puerto Jimenez, a 90-minute drive away from Carate Beach, so we recommend hitting the ATM before heading to the Osa. 

Sunscreen - You’ll be at 8 degrees from the equator, so the sun is powerful! We recommend 40 SPF or higher. 

Clothes - Due to the humidity, lightweight, fast drying (dry-fit), mix & match clothes  are recommended. Think hiking shorts, T-shirts, sport tops, tank tops, etc... Bring tall socks if you plan on borrowing rubber boots to explore at night. Don’t forget your swimsuit, sarong, sunglasses and wide-brim hat for the beach! Evenings can get cool so consider bringing a thin long-sleeve shirt and pants. (Jeans are not recommended).

NOTE: Laundry service is available at the lodge for $15 USD per small load. 

Hiking Shoes - You’re going to want a multi-sport shoe that is lightweight with good grip and foot support. If you choose river sandals, they must hold well to the foot and cover toes. Try amphibian shoes that go from land to water and dry quickly. Merrell, Teva and Solomon make good ones. 

Other Shoes - Flip flops, sandals, running shoes and/or crocs are all good options for hanging out around the property. If you want to explore the grounds at night, you can borrow a pair of rubber boots or get your own in the small town of Puerto Jimenez. (Leave your leather boots at home.)

Toiletries - Think travel size save on space and weight! Here are a few items we suggest: shampoo, conditioner, soap (biodegradable is preferred), toothbrush, toothpaste, non-scented deodorant (preferable), sunscreen (40 or higher), baby powder (great for preventing heat rash and to put in your sheets at night to absorb moisture), lip balm (with sunscreen), insect repellent (natural or with DEET), anti-itch ointment, antihistamine tablets, a small first aid kit with pain reliever, band aids, antiseptic lotion, etc...

Daypack or Small Backpack - This is great for carrying your water, snacks and camera on hikes and to the beach. Also, a waterproof pouch or bag is great to keep things dry.

Small Quick Dry Towel - This is great to use at the beach, along with a sarong. We supply bath towels and bamboo mats for the beach. 

Snacks - Bring things like granola bars, energy bars, nuts and dried fruit. These are also available in the small town of Puerto Jimenez (we’ll be stopping at a grocery store there en route to our lodge). You'll want these for your hikes or when you feel like snacking. But don’t worry, you’ll get three delicious meals per day at Finca Exotica!

Camera - There’s so much beauty to behold here! Don’t forget your charger and a HUGE memory card.

Books & Music - You’ll have downtime to hangout on hammocks at the lodge and at the beach, so bring a great read and your favorite tunes. 



Once you reserve your spot (hurry, they are going fast!), you’ll be responsible for booking and purchasing your flights. Look for flights to the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) in San Jose. We recommend searching via Kayak or Travelocity for the best deals. It usually costs around $650 from the US and $750 from Canada. 


Along with your international flight you will also be responsible for arranging the domestic travel to the Osa. Please contact Martine Racette, your WHOA Group Adventure Leader (aka GAL) who will guide you on booking your domestic flight. You can reach her at:

NOTE: There are weight restrictions for the internal domestic flights. Additional weight is subject to extra cost and could delay your baggage. You are allowed one carry-on bag with a maximum weight of 10 lbs. and one piece of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 40 lbs. If you bring more, you may have to pay additional fees or wait for your bags to arrive on a later flight.


This pristine rainforest located on the most southern tip of the Osa Peninsula and, like most rain forests, it's comfortable, humid and warm. You’ll be there in the dry season (January to April). Temperatures near the coast won't vary much and average from the upper 20°C to low 30°C (70-90°F) throughout the year. 

Heat Alert: Laguna is an ecolodge, so while there are ceiling fans, there is no air-conditioning. We recommend bringing a battery powered or hand held fan if you are worried about being too hot at night. But don’t worry, most nights are breezy as we are by the ocean. Mother nature is an amazing air conditioner!


Even though the Osa Peninsula was called "the most biologically intense place on the earth” by National Geographic, surprisingly, there are practically no biting insects (like mosquitoes).You can thank the many birds, lizards and bats for that! If you are concerned, we recommend wearing long pants and a little bug repellent at night. It’s worth noting, there is no risk of malaria reported on the Osa.


There are boogie boards, fins, and surfboards available at the beach rancho for you to use. Be careful of ocean currents and see us for daily info on tides.


The water on the property is safe to drink and regularly tested. Bottled water is available in town but we encourage you to limit the use of plastic bottles.


Beer, wine and liquor are available at the Lodge. We’ll keep track of what you have at the bar and you can pay at the end of your stay using cash or credit.


We have free limited internet access at the lodge. That being said, the system can be unreliable so plan on having no internet connection while in Carate. Please have your own device but know that it can be damaged do to high levels of humidity. We’ll be in a remote location, so most cellphones do not work.  Please give this contact email to any of your friends or relatives: This email address will be reviewed daily for any emergency messages while you are away. You will also have access to free Internet service in San Jose at the beginning of your adventure. 


You will have the ability to plug in your camera batteries during the day to be recharged. The electricity is the same as in Canada and the US using the standard 3-prong plugs. NOTE: The Laguna Vista is powered by solar and hydro energy only, so we ask that you leave electric toothbrushes, laptops, hair dryers at home.


There is a $500 deposit to secure your spot on the Costa Rica Escape, and trust us this one will fill up fast! The final payment is due one month prior to the trip start date.


A $30 tip is included in the price and will be divided between the staff at Laguna Vista. Note that tips and gratuity for the optional excursions are not included. If you feel the staff at Finca Exotica or the guides from any of your optional excursions have gone above and beyond the call of duty, we strongly encourage and welcome you to give them an additional tip. You can either give this to them directly or we can do it for you. Whether it’s the gardener who brings you freshly picked fruit or the cleaning staff that fluffs your pillows every morning, your generosity will be greatly appreciated


TwinRex (Hepatitis A and B shots) + Tetanus are recommended but not obligatory for travel to Costa Rica. Check with your doctor for more health related information. The CDC website is also a great resource for up to date travel information to Costa Rica.

Travel Insurance  

We require all travelers to have adventure travel insurance for WHOA adventures...better safe than sorry!  We highly recommend World Nomads.


As we get closer to your departure time, we will send you prep emails with important information about your adventure. Contact us with any questions. We'll answer them with pleasure.

Send us your Qs HERE, and we’ll respond with an A.