We Believe in the Power of
Shared Experiences

Our special style of giving back is about sharing experiences with local women because we believe the best way to have a positive impact locally is through connecting and forming quality relationships. We do our due diligence to find local nonprofit partners that are creating sustainable change. We take the time to work closely with them to understand their culture, dreams, and aspirations. Doing so helps us create experiences that will truly be of value for the both of us.

We see our interactions as a two way street, focused on forging meaningful relationships, rather than the typical, often hierarchical volunteerism model which places "service" at the center of it's trips. Instead, we believe that the most impactful experiences are created through the shared love of adventure, life and getting to know one another. This is why listening, learning and sharing our lives with one another is a huge part of all our adventures. This empowering exchange is what makes our adventures so unique and valuable.


TO CreatE life changing adventure experiences that bring women together, take them out of their comfort zones, and LEAVE them & the world changed forever.